Absolute Possession [Mature]

Absolute Possession [Mature]

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    Absolute Possession [Mature]

    Absolute Possession

    Synopsis: My parents were murdered. That day, there was an unknown man in the room. He was Ivan Yelcka. "You're awake?" "Did you... lock me up in here?" Even in the place where I was born, I was an outsider. I cannot get along well wherever I go, and I'm never welcome. The only relief to this torment is death. "I saved your life, so I'll do my best to protect you." "W-Why did you save me?" "That's because I need you, Lia."

    Chapter 10 - 100
    Publication 2022
    Serialization Comic Gardo
    Author 심약섬 (simyacsum) / 아이미디어 (eyemedia)
    Artist 볼드 (bold)

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